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SoFloat started with a simple need – a quality, stylish pool float that would be the epitome of comfort and would last longer than one summer.

Renowned for hot, tropical summer days, with more pools per capita than any other country and totally surrounded by water, it should come as no surprise that picturesque New Zealand is the home of SoFloat.

SoFloat’s head office is located at Papamoa Beach, a sunny beach side town in the Bay of Plenty - a region renowned for beautiful beaches and warm, long Summers. 

Summer is, without a doubt, our favourite season. We love long days, warm nights, wet toes and tanned skin. For the SoFloat team, summer never ends. Our key focus is on quality, sophistication, luxury and exceptional customer service. 


Dave Kat SoFloat

The beginnings of SoFloat 

Five years ago Dave Roberts was enjoying the summer sunshine in the South of France, soaking in his friends pool on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

On the patio there were some traditional beanbags. Dave, who is well known for his creative imagination and always being on the lookout for the next fun idea, decided the stunning pool needed something extra. The patio bean bags ended up in the pool, and the afternoon was spent snoozing on the half submerged bean bags!

These particular beanbags were made out of a standard polyester / cotton blend fabric – perfect for lounging on the patio, but not ideal for the pool. The polystyrene beans ensured the beanbags floated surprisingly well, however the fabric took on a bit of water and there was no way for the water to drain out – as the day went on the bean bag became more submerged.

Then came the aha moment for Dave – everyone loved the idea of a beanbag in the pool, so why not create a product similar to a traditional bean bag but designed to float specifically on the pool?

The following week Dave was back in New Zealand and his quest to create the best possible Floating Bean Bag began. 

Naming the product was a fun challenge - Dave wanted a product name that was memorable, exciting and explained what the product was. During the product development stages, the aim was to create a product that would mirror the levels of comfort that an indoor sofa offers, while floating on water. 

This goal ultimately led to the name SoFloat - a simple merge of the words Sofa and Floating - because using a SoFloat really does feel like you are floating your days away on the comfort of a luxurious soft sofa! 


Fast forward five years, a lot of product testing, refined designs, a few logo updates, a variety of websites and a growing team and you arrive at SoFloat today.

Who are we

Here are SoFloat we are more than a team, we are friends! We believe in offering our customers the best possible customer service, always being available to help our wonderful customers!  We stand by our product 100% and truly believe you will to. 

Anyone in our team is available to chat, call our direct line on +64 7 282 8995

Team SoFloat

The team from left:

Dave Roberts  - Creator, Director and Technical Genius
Kat Roberts  - VP of Miscellaneous Stuff, Director 
Shannen Bell  - Online Superstar, Graphic Designer, Image curator  
Shaina Low  - Marketing Manager, International Sales, Creator of Opportunities  
James Jelleymen - Logistics and Procurement Extraordinaire


Why we Love SoFloat


We have gone through an extensive design and construction process to ensure that you are receiving the best quality pool product on the market. We have sourced the best possible, outdoor fabric - Sunbrealla Marine Grade - to ensure your SoFloat bean bag will last for many summers and stand up to the harsh sun, chlorine and salt. We believe craftsmanship is key to product longevity. All our bean bags are tripled stitched, with only quality YKK zips and Stainless Steel rings used. Our inner mesh lining adds an extra level of durability and ensure there is no risk of polystyrenebeans leaking into your swimming pool. 


We understand that an aesthetic design is important to any exterior setting. Collaborating with a high end colour stylist, we are happy to offer an on trend, compelling colour range. We offer neutral palates, that easily blending to a variety of landscapes. Each summer we launch a refreshing seasonal colour, 2017 it’s all about ocean, Aruba Blue – bringing memories of the Santorini sea on a dazzling summer day.


Each sofa is filled with polystyrene beans. Not only are polystyrene beans extremely buoyant, they mould and shape to your body to ensure pure comfort and luxuriousness.  And one of the best features of your new SoFloat will be when children are splashing about in your swimming pool. This is when relaxation turns into fun, and the durability and quality of SoFloat ensures that children (or adults who are young at heart) can definitely have fun with SoFloat. From jumping, to dancing, diving and everything in between, there will be endless hours of summer fun with a SoFloat in your pool. A SoFloat will turn your pool into paradise all summer long.


Turn your Pool into Paradise this summer with SoFloat 

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